Meeting with Lonnie Hendrix (Mayor of Hyden, Kentucky)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Lonnie Hendrix, Mayor of Hyden, Kentucky (a small town of 300 in Leslie County in Eastern Kentucky). I was blown away by Mr. Hendrix’s spiritual depth, dedication to service, and humility. He was very welcoming to our group of 15 students, who are participating in an entrepreneurship program, Entrepreneurship for the Public Good, through Berea College.

Mr. Hendrix takes no salary, has given more than half of his private wealth away over the years, and ran for Mayor despite death threats and going up against a very corrupt local system. After winning with approximately 70% of the vote his first time running, he received 94% of the vote in his reelection bid for Mayor.

If you are ever in Eastern Kentucky, be sure to stop by the Mayor’s Office and say hello to Mr. Hendrix. It is immensely refreshing to meet a civic leader who genuinely cares for the people he serves and is willing to make personal sacrifice to help the community that he loves. He is exactly what this world needs.

My sincere gratitude to Peter Hackbert and Entrepreneurship for the Public Good for making this visit a possibility.

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