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Thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Inauguration

Dr. Cornel West articulately raises concerns about Obama posturing on Martin Luther King, Jr. today. King was adamantly anti-war; Obama has increased war efforts primarily through the drone program in numerous countries that haven’t done a thing to the U.S. Dr. West also raises concerns of the prison-industrial complex; Obama, even after using illegal drugs [...]

Candidate Obama Is Not President Obama

While in the Senate and on the campaign trail during the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama spoke eloquently about the need to restore due process and constitutional procedure for people targeted and captured by the U.S. government. He repeatedly called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay, and on his first day of office as President [...]

George Washington: Banish the Plague of War

Many of the Founders carried strong antiwar sentiments, particularly after enduring the long and brutal Revolutionary War. This is not to say that Washington, Adams, or Jefferson had perfect presidencies that avoided war; far from it. However, principle is something that goes beyond humanity. Every human is fallible, but principle is something to uphold and [...]

The Expansion of Presidential Power

Presidential executive orders have become much more commonplace in government today. Historically, presidents generally used these orders to manage and direct federal agencies through laws already passed and arranged by Congress, and clearly not to create, or vaguely interpret, laws for expanding executive control. Presidents since George Washington have used executive orders, or “directives”, although [...]