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Ron Paul: Central Banking and Total War

“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” ~ Ron Paul The 20th century was perhaps the bloodiest and most violent century this planet has ever seen. Ron Paul recognizes that central banking and increased warfare go hand in hand; the military-industrial complex thrives off a [...]

Foreclosure Misery: Government’s Intervention in Housing

Today it was announced that banks foreclosed on 288,345 houses in the past three months, the highest amount of foreclosures in any three-month period since 2006. It’s estimated that 1.2 million homes overall will be foreclosed in 2010. Well, gee, looks like government bailouts of the financial industry have paid off! Despite hundreds of billions [...]

The FDIC and the Follies of Modern Banking: Part 2

The FDIC attempts to universalize risk in banking. Regardless of whether or not you even deposit money in a financial institution, whether or not you discriminate between different banks and the practices thereof, we are forced into subsidizing risk through government deposit insurance. The FDIC normally guarantees deposit insurance up to $100,000, while the insurance [...]

Money and Currency in a Free Society

We live in times when government and central banks monopolize money and make it next to impossible for viable competing currencies to arise, which can make it difficult to see the possibility of other currency alternatives. Picture a new village, untouched by current monetary laws. People begin exchanging goods through the process of bartering. This [...]

Deception in “Free Market” Banking

The free market is constantly blamed for mistakes made by banks, when in reality the economic problems begin when a free market is overridden with excessive and unnecessary government law, intervention, and agencies. To grasp banking we must first learn and understand fractional reserve banking. The fractional reserve banking system gives banks the chance to [...]

Flirting with Danger: Secrecy of the Federal Reserve

I often refer to the Federal Reserve as a secretive and dangerous agency, but many people don’t understand what I’m specifically talking about. Publicly, the Fed participates in hearings in Congress, and it generally seems accountable to the President and Congress. Few understand there is information that Congress and the American people are prohibited to [...]