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Both Romney and Obama Are Dangerous

Mitt Romney is dangerous. Barack Obama is dangerous. Neither of them want to leave you alone. Neither of them want to end needless and atrocious wars overseas. Neither of them will dare espouse an original thought. Both are pawns. Both want to use government force to their advantage. But go on, get emotionally attached and […]

Stanley McChrystal: Listen to Daniel Webster on the Draft

Moral reasons alone should be enough to convince anyone that a military draft, no matter what the excuses, is the antithesis of individual liberty and human freedom. That notwithstanding, this Daniel Webster quote from 1814 (in the midst of the War of 1812) ought to dismantle any potential argument that states the Constitution somehow allows […]

Chief Joseph: “Let me be a free man”

The white man has no right to come here and take our country. We have never accepted any presents from the Government. Neither Lawyer nor any other chief had authority to sell this land. It has always belonged to my people. It came unclouded to them from our fathers, and we will defend this land […]

Ron Paul: I Endorse the Idea of Voluntarism

Ron Paul: Freedom and Market Competition

Ron Paul: Imperfect Messenger, Perfect Message

The only presidential candidate who talks more about his country and the world than himself. The only candidate who isn’t a power-hungry egomaniac. The only individual sacrificing his time and energy to spread the ideas and message of freedom. The only candidate who has lived a life of principle dedicated to liberty, freedom, and selfless […]

Ron Paul: The Importance of Free Speech and the Internet

The First Amendment is not there to protect our ability to broadcast weather reports or follow our favorite celebrities. Popular and uncontroversial speech doesn’t need protection. A free society that upholds the inherent human right to free speech will be all the stronger because of it. Only a weak society would feel the need to […]

Stop SOPA and PIPA

The future of the internet’s freedom is at stake. The internet is perhaps the greatest example of spontaneous order and voluntary exchange and cooperation left in mainstream society. Do not give up your freedoms so carelessly, especially when it is in the name of supposedly protecting your security. Please take a few minutes and watch […]

Ron Paul: Ideas, Liberty, and Rebuilding Civilization

  “We must change our foreign policy from one of intervention and confrontation to cooperation and diplomacy.” ~ Ron Paul

The Part of the Declaration of Independence Politicians Won’t Quote

“All experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” ~ Declaration of Independence This is not something you will hear politicians like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama quote. The Declaration of Independence is an incredible document […]