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Ron Paul in 2003: Litmus Test for War

In a February 2003 interview on C-SPAN, Congressman Ron Paul explained his litmus test for whether or not a war is worth fighting: if you yourself are willing to lose your life in war or send your kids and grandchildren to war, then you are sincere. Paul demonstrated incredible foresight with the Iraq War and the troubles [...]

Defending Empire

I am continuously amazed how quickly people attempt to defend politicians, regardless of the hypocrisy and sheer lunacy displayed by political figures. What have these politicians done to earn your trust? What makes them worth defending? We’re led to believe that without these cherished political behemoths starting new wars, torturing people and ignoring the rule [...]

Happy Birthday, PATRIOT Act

Warrantless searches worked so well for the British Empire in the 1700s, we just had to give it another try in the 21st century. October 26, 2011, marks the tenth year of the USA PATRIOT Act’s existence. Do you feel any safer?     Tweet

Beyond Party Lines (By Peter Kretzmann)

We are at a decisive turning point in the story of America. We have set a course for disaster that the status quo cannot fix. We need something far beyond the world of petty party politics. These two parties have created nothing short of a nightmare in Washington. We need new answers. I myself used [...]

Adding to the Fire: Obama’s Regulatory Plans

Yesterday Barack Obama unveiled his new financial regulatory proposals. These include greatly expanding the scope of the Federal Reserve’s regulatory duties, creating a government agency to “protect consumers” from the financial industry, and increase government control over many investment and financial outlets. The first problem with this proposal is that it completely disregards how this [...]

The Pain of Two Corrections

Today, for the first time since May 1, 1997, the Dow closed below 7,000, down 4.24% to 6763.29. It has been nearly twelve years since the market has seen these levels, and that was when the tech boom was going full throttle, well before the 2000 correction. Did we even have a complete correction in [...]