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Jesse Ventura’s Efforts to Promote Hemp

During his stint as Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura undertook efforts to promote and educate people about hemp. Ventura made an appeal for hemp to President Bill Clinton in this 1999 letter. Dear President Clinton: It is no secret that farmers in Minnesota and around the country are looking for creative answers to the farm [...]

In Two Weeks of Media Coverage

In the past two weeks the American people have been subjected to nearly 120 stories about the sex life of Presidential contender Herman Cain. Yet at the same time: 1.) Only 3 major networks covered Obama’s sending U.S. troops in Uganda. 2.) Only 1 major news network covered the scandal of the Obama Administration sending [...]

Meeting Gatewood Galbraith at Berea College

Gatewood Galbraith is an independent candidate for governor of Kentucky. He has received the endorsements of Willie Nelson, the Green Party, and the Constitution Party. The man is principled, dedicated to individual liberty, and is a shining example of what we need in America today. It was a pleasure to meet him and hear his [...]

Why Not Mitt Romney (In 60 Seconds)

Why not to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. Please share this video and spread the word! Feel free to subscribe to the DavidKretzmann YouTube channel. Tweet