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Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson “On Board” with Industrial Hemp

Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson came to Berea College today and spoke to our entrepreneurship class. I took the opportunity to inform him about industrial hemp and why it should be immediately decriminalized (before hemp was criminalized in 1937, it was the number 2 crop grown in Kentucky behind Tobacco, and Kentucky grew more hemp [...]

It’s Time for Substance

In the 2012 presidential election corny phrases like, “Let’s get America working again,” or, “Jobs, jobs, jobs,” are passed off as well-reasoned statements. Is this how the American people want to be treated? Are we so shallow that we can’t even spend a little time to educate ourselves why the economy is in miserable shape, [...]

Why Not Rick Perry (In 60 Seconds)

Why not to vote for Rick Perry in 2012. Please “like” and share with your friends. Spread the word! Tweet

The Right to Earn a Living

This video is a great summary of how economic and civil liberties go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. There is only one liberty: Individual Liberty. Life, liberty, and property; so simple yet so easy for government to claim as its own. Tweet

Understanding the True Role of Government

One of the greatest misunderstandings we have with government today is its true and proper role. We have seen government continually grow through Republican and Democrat administrations and both parties, come election time, spout the same drivel that they think people will gobble right up. You will notice that at every election the talk is [...]