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Why We Can’t Ignore the Assassinations of Abdulrahman Al-awlaki and Anwar Al-awlaki

The assassinations of Abdulrahman Al-awlaki and Anwar Al-awlaki, two U.S. citizens killed by U.S. drone strikes in Yemen, carry extremely dangerous implications for individual liberty, due process, and severe abuse of government power. We cannot let these incidents slip through the cracks. Tweet

Ron Paul: Respect Israel’s Sovereignty and Independence

People commonly criticize Ron Paul as being “anti-Semite” or “anti-Israel,” without taking the time to investigate Paul’s foreign policy and what benefits it would have to Israel. Paul proposes that Israel should control its own policies without the U.S. intervening every step of the way. What Israel does with its neighbors with regard to treaties, [...]

Ten Years of War in Afghanistan

The U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001. On the ten year anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, let’s take a moment to think about whom we’re fighting and why. General David Petraeus has stated his belief that the Afghanistan War will last longer the Iraq War. These are [...]

Government is Not the Cure for Inefficiency

New hubbub has arisen after the Obama administration announced plans to raise the national fuel mileage limit for vehicles to 35.5 MPG by 2016 . It is said that this is a major step forward to end dependence on foreign oil, promote “green” technologies, and somehow help consumers make better choices, despite the likelihood of [...]

Finding the Balance in Foreign Policy

Since World War I, the U.S. has generally accepted a foreign policy of military involvement overseas. It almost seems as though we believe things would completely fall apart were we not to be militarily present around the world. However much we may accept these ideas, they do not represent the foreign policy of a free, [...]

Legality and Morality in Foreign Policy

It seems to have become a mainstream acceptance that the U.S. has the responsibility to keep its military overseas. It’s the role of the world superpower, they say, to maintain a military presence and spread order through the world. It’d be nice if this were true, but no superpower has lived long enough to show [...]

American Principles of Foreign Policy

Today foreign policy has largely taken a backseat to the economy as the main issue being discussed locally and nationally. But foreign affairs have done anything but settle down over the past several months. During the Presidential debates between Senators’ Obama and McCain, the main debate on foreign policy was over how to best invade [...]