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Lysander Spooner: Governments Established Without Consent

Lysander Spooner is a fascinating yet overlooked figure in 19th century United States history. Spooner, a libertarian anarchist, successfully challenged the Post Office’s monopoly on mail delivery by offering superior mail delivery services at a cheaper cost. In addition, Spooner was one of the few staunch abolitionists who supported the Confederacy during the Civil War, [...]

The Right to Earn a Living

This video is a great summary of how economic and civil liberties go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. There is only one liberty: Individual Liberty. Life, liberty, and property; so simple yet so easy for government to claim as its own. Tweet

Money and Currency in a Free Society

We live in times when government and central banks monopolize money and make it next to impossible for viable competing currencies to arise, which can make it difficult to see the possibility of other currency alternatives. Picture a new village, untouched by current monetary laws. People begin exchanging goods through the process of bartering. This [...]

The Irony and Foolishness of Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws have gone increasingly unquestioned since they were created in 1890 by the Sherman Antitrust Act. It is said that “monopoly power” leads to restrictive trade, higher prices, and decreased competition. While this statement certainly has truth, very few people understand it and the issue most definitely is not solved through the antitrust laws [...]