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Why only Ron Paul can beat Barack Obama in 2012

Of all the GOP candidates, Ron Paul receives the most support from young voters, minorities, and independents. No other GOP candidate will attract independents or Democrats and liberals disenfranchised with Obama’s wars and civil liberties abuses. Without the youth vote, minorities, and independents, you simply cannot win a general election. (2.5 million people have left [...]

Champion of the Constitution Places Second in New Hampshire Primary

Ron Paul gave the establishment a tough blow yesterday by taking second place in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. Dr. Paul is the only candidate, save Mitt Romney, who has a national campaign set up for the upcoming primaries. Gingrich, Huntsman, Santorum, and Perry will drop out in no time after draining their campaign coffers [...]

Meeting Rand Paul in New Hampshire

Senator Rand Paul stopped by Ron Paul’s New Hampshire Headquarters today, January 7, to meet with the volunteers. Rand has been traveling around the state to promote his father and raise awareness of the campaign. Tweet