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What is a Chickenhawk?

What is a chickenhawk, you ask? Chickenhawk: chick·en·hawk. n. “A person who strongly supports war or other military action, yet actively avoided military service when of age.” Chickenhawks are those individuals, particularly in politics, who strongly support or advocate for war and increased military intervention even though they avoided participating in the military when they were of [...]

Why only Ron Paul can beat Barack Obama in 2012

Of all the GOP candidates, Ron Paul receives the most support from young voters, minorities, and independents. No other GOP candidate will attract independents or Democrats and liberals disenfranchised with Obama’s wars and civil liberties abuses. Without the youth vote, minorities, and independents, you simply cannot win a general election. (2.5 million people have left [...]

The Frustration of Taxes

Over the past couple weeks in my school we’ve had the nice opportunity to have a small class on personal accounting, budgets, banking, taxes, etc. Everyone made a rough budget estimate for necessities they would have to provide for themselves once they were out on their own in the real world. Basics like rent, food, [...]

Stocks and Monetary Policy

I’ve been investing in individual stocks since 2005, when I was just 12 years old. The idea of owning part of a business fascinated me. Over the past several years probably 95% of all the money I earned doing odd-jobs around my community went into individual stocks that I researched and analyzed on my own [...]