Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is Wrong

Ron Paul beautifully rebukes Elizabeth Warren’s now-infamous quote defending the “social contract,” government intervention in the economy, and the collective redistribution of wealth through the government.

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6 Responses to “Ron Paul: Why Elizabeth Warren is Wrong”

  1. Rick Wolff says:

    Where on the Social Contract does my signature appear?

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  2. /facepalm

    you really think this guy is saying something useful?

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  3. David McGraw says:

    I love it that Ron Paul can so easily dissect these tyrants. Elizabeth Warren is no different from so many others: her first instinct is to stick a government bayonet in your back — but she doesn’t even realize her initiation of violence is evil.

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  4. Enrique says:

    Pocahontas is a babbling socialist plain and simple. If she knew how to tell the truth, maybe she would get some respect.

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  5. Zach says:

    Ron Paul’s rebuttal is without substance. Just to get to the smallest part of it, he doesn’t address the FACT that we the people pay for the education and roads.

    He can claim it’s socialism all he wants, but it’s the way it is. Warren didn’t say the government created wealth, she said that business uses PUBLIC resources to create wealth, and thus should pay the public back, not because the public is a load of lazy freeloaders, but because the business USED OUR STUFF to make a profit.

    In Ron Paul’s ideal world, maybe there would be private competition for schooling and road building and all that stuff. But he should confine his rebuttals of reality-based claims TO reality-based claims. Not libertarian utopias.

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    • max says:

      “FACT that we the people pay for education and roads”

      Your argument assumes that everyone in this country is paying equal rates, or even paying AT ALL. When you say “used our stuff” you should be careful to note that many (almost half) of Americans dont pay income taxes and thus have no claim to providing americas resources/infastructure. Furthermore, you are getting the facts wrong Zach, you need to research tax revenues and note the income tax is severely progressive.

      So i dont see how you have a claim to repayment for use of ‘your stuff’ when actually half the rest of the country paid for something that you also can use for free. On top of that you have some kind of bizarre mentality that sense you existed in this country and didnt pay a dime, you helped a business man create a business simply because (most of) society payed for a LIMITED* government(*notice, and this is key to the failure of her argument, Buffet is talking about roads and schools- the quintessential example of a limited government, while all democrats actually favor a government that is so big, bureaucratic, unconstitutional and counterproductive that this a downright dishonest statement to make.):

      Not only is Buffet’s argument illogical in the deceitful way she presented it, but her argument becomes absolutely absurd when you take into account the actual type of government she favors:a nanny government, bigger than any in world history, that limits your personal and especially economic freedoms. She pays lip service to limited government in the quote, not acknowledging governments downsides for the private sector. Indeed, how does subsidizing certain industry’s competition benefit average businessmen, who get no aid from govt? Countless other government actions actually hurt a bussinessman’s opportunity to create wealth, not help them, she is only discussing the beneficial ones, which (NOT COINCIDENTALLY) are the types of government action libertarians favor.

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