Why the Military Supports Ron Paul (11.11.11)

Of all the 2012 presidential candidates, none is more mocked and misunderstood when it comes to foreign policy than Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy is repeatedly misinterpreted as a radicial isolationist view. Interestingly, the military donates more money to Ron Paul than any other candidate (including President Obama).

So far in this election cycle, Ron Paul has received more than $100,000 from active duty military personnel. Obama has brought in nearly $69,000. Military donations to all other GOP candidates combined still comes up short of Ron Paul’s tally.

Surely the people accusing Ron Paul of being a radical and fringe thinker with foreign policy aren’t going to accuse the troops of the same thing. There is a reason the military supports Ron Paul. Here are two videos I made to help explain why.

Be sure to contribute to the Ron Paul Veterans Day 11.11.11 Money Bomb. Pledge your support at www.SupportThemNow.com.

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  1. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter says:

    USN for Dr Ron

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  3. Mary says:

    “If this war is worth fighting, are you willing to go and lose your legs, lose your life or send your kids or grandkids?” – Ron Paul

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