Ron Paul: How to End Drug Crimes

“You wanna get ride of drug crime in this country? Fine, let’s just get rid of all the drug laws.” ~ Ron Paul

In a September 2008 report, the Marijuana Policy Project found that between 1995 and 2008 nearly 9.5 million individuals had been arrested due to connections with marijuana (whether it is cultivation, possession, or distribution). 872,720 marijuana-related arrests occurred in 2007, an all-time record totaling more arrests than those for all violent crimes combined.  This means, on average, that one person is arrested on marijuana charges every 36 seconds. Approximately 89% of all marijuana arrests are for possession of marijuana, suggesting that the majority of marijuana “crimes” are nonviolent. Cultivating as little as one marijuana plant is a federal felony. Several states have interjected and slightly decriminalized certain aspects of marijuana policy, but the majority of U.S. states continue to enforce federal marijuana laws. ~ The Clear Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana

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