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College Degrees Aren’t Always Necessary

New York Times: The college degree is becoming the new high school diploma: the new minimum requirement, albeit an expensive one, for getting even the lowest-level job. While this article hits on an important point, a college degree by no means is a guarantee to a job. In terms of cost/benefit, I think college is incredibly [...]

Touring Jackson County’s Green Energy Park

Had a terrific tour and discussion today at Jackson County Green Energy Park with Project Director Timm Muth. The Green Energy Park utilizes methane gas from the county’s landfill to provide inexpensive energy that funds local blacksmiths, glassblowers, and other artists (who provide classes, workshops, and other events for the community and tourists).  Timm and his work at [...]

Meeting with Lonnie Hendrix (Mayor of Hyden, Kentucky)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Lonnie Hendrix, Mayor of Hyden, Kentucky (a small town of 300 in Leslie County in Eastern Kentucky). I was blown away by Mr. Hendrix’s spiritual depth, dedication to service, and humility. He was very welcoming to our group of 15 students, who are participating in [...]

Becoming Berea College’s Student President

What a wild ride this was. I ran for Executive President of the Berea College Student Government Association this past April with Janice D’souza as my running mate. We were one of three tickets running for the positions of Executive President and Vice President. We were allotted two weeks to campaign, participate in a debate, [...]

Meeting Gatewood Galbraith at Berea College

Gatewood Galbraith is an independent candidate for governor of Kentucky. He has received the endorsements of Willie Nelson, the Green Party, and the Constitution Party. The man is principled, dedicated to individual liberty, and is a shining example of what we need in America today. It was a pleasure to meet him and hear his [...]