Touring Jackson County’s Green Energy Park

Had a terrific tour and discussion today at Jackson County Green Energy Park with Project Director Timm Muth. The Green Energy Park utilizes methane gas from the county’s landfill to provide inexpensive energy that funds local blacksmiths, glassblowers, and other artists (who provide classes, workshops, and other events for the community and tourists). 

Timm and his work at Green Energy Park represents the very best of entrepreneurial initiative, creativity, and community building. The mission statement of Green Energy Park is to utilize “clean, renewable energy resources to facilitate economic development, provide environmental protection, and offer educational opportunities.”

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  1. Tommie Citizen says:

    Green energy should be the goal of each one of us. Green energy is renewable and most of the time it is non-pollution so it can really help the environment. ,`;`,

    Warmest regards“>

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