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Ron Paul: Education and the Inflation Tax

What other presidential candidate would dare to say things of this magnitude? Ron Paul is talking about shaking the establishment of the U.S. to its constitutional core. The corporate/government establishment does not Ron Paul becoming President; perhaps this is why Paul is the only candidate who hasn’t received any donations from billionaires, and has received [...]

“Stimulus Packages” or “Economic Nightmares?”

It’s hard to not go gaga over the ideas and intentions of “stimulus packages” and ramped up government programs. After all, won’t it create a lot of jobs, boost the economy, and lift us out of a rough spot? This is what we’ve constantly heard from politicians and the media especially over the past couple [...]

Money and Currency in a Free Society

We live in times when government and central banks monopolize money and make it next to impossible for viable competing currencies to arise, which can make it difficult to see the possibility of other currency alternatives. Picture a new village, untouched by current monetary laws. People begin exchanging goods through the process of bartering. This [...]

Deception in “Free Market” Banking

The free market is constantly blamed for mistakes made by banks, when in reality the economic problems begin when a free market is overridden with excessive and unnecessary government law, intervention, and agencies. To grasp banking we must first learn and understand fractional reserve banking. The fractional reserve banking system gives banks the chance to [...]

The Pain of Two Corrections

Today, for the first time since May 1, 1997, the Dow closed below 7,000, down 4.24% to 6763.29. It has been nearly twelve years since the market has seen these levels, and that was when the tech boom was going full throttle, well before the 2000 correction. Did we even have a complete correction in [...]

Ignorance of the Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult entities to understand and grasp today. Legally we do not have the right to know what goes on behind the closed doors of the Fed. Yet, we place in them the overwhelming power, control, and ability of a monopoly over money and credit. [...]