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Both Romney and Obama Are Dangerous

Mitt Romney is dangerous. Barack Obama is dangerous. Neither of them want to leave you alone. Neither of them want to end needless and atrocious wars overseas. Neither of them will dare espouse an original thought. Both are pawns. Both want to use government force to their advantage. But go on, get emotionally attached and [...]

Ron Paul Schools Mitt Romney

In last night’s debate, Ron Paul once again proved he’s the only candidate who knows much about anything that’s going on in Washington D.C. today. Calling for budget reform without even considering cutting foreign aid and militarism is absurd, but unfortunately most Democrats and Republicans won’t dare cut America’s military adventurism. Apparantly quite a few others thought [...]

Meeting Gatewood Galbraith at Berea College

Gatewood Galbraith is an independent candidate for governor of Kentucky. He has received the endorsements of Willie Nelson, the Green Party, and the Constitution Party. The man is principled, dedicated to individual liberty, and is a shining example of what we need in America today. It was a pleasure to meet him and hear his [...]

It’s Time for Substance

In the 2012 presidential election corny phrases like, “Let’s get America working again,” or, “Jobs, jobs, jobs,” are passed off as well-reasoned statements. Is this how the American people want to be treated? Are we so shallow that we can’t even spend a little time to educate ourselves why the economy is in miserable shape, [...]