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Ron Paul: I Endorse the Idea of Voluntarism

Ron Paul: Mistrust in Government and Opposing a National ID Card

Ron Paul understands that America was founded on the pretense of individual liberty, not an all-powerful national government authority. The purpose of the Constitution is to protect the privacy and secrecy of citizens, not the privacy and secrecy of government.

Ron Paul: Freedom and Market Competition

Ron Paul: Imperfect Messenger, Perfect Message

The only presidential candidate who talks more about his country and the world than himself. The only candidate who isn’t a power-hungry egomaniac. The only individual sacrificing his time and energy to spread the ideas and message of freedom. The only candidate who has lived a life of principle dedicated to liberty, freedom, and selfless […]

Ron Paul: I Weep for Them

If this isn’t one of the greatest demonstrations of compassion we’ve seen from a presidential candidate, I don’t know what is. The more you learn about Ron Paul’s stance on protecting the troops, it’s no surprise when the troops overwhelmingly support Ron Paul more than any other presidential candidate. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvzUbBqVT7Y[/youtube]

Ron Paul: Education and the Inflation Tax

What other presidential candidate would dare to say things of this magnitude? Ron Paul is talking about shaking the establishment of the U.S. to its constitutional core. The corporate/government establishment does not Ron Paul becoming President; perhaps this is why Paul is the only candidate who hasn’t received any donations from billionaires, and has received […]

Ron Paul: The TSA and the Growing Police State

“The police state in this country is growing out of control.  One of the ultimate embodiments of this is the TSA that gropes and grabs our children, our seniors, and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities.  The TSA does all of this while doing nothing to keep us safe. That is why my ‘Plan to […]

Ron Paul: The IRS and Big Government

Ron Paul: Mutually Assured Respect

Ron Paul’s suggestion to follow a foreign policy of Mutually Assured Respect, or a foreign policy based on the “Golden Rule,” may be the most revolutionary idea he has brought into the public spotlight. Treat other countries how we would want them to treat us. Trade with nations, talk with nations, travel and engage in […]

Ron Paul: The Importance of Free Speech and the Internet

The First Amendment is not there to protect our ability to broadcast weather reports or follow our favorite celebrities. Popular and uncontroversial speech doesn’t need protection. A free society that upholds the inherent human right to free speech will be all the stronger because of it. Only a weak society would feel the need to […]