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Rand Paul Slams A Bureaucrat

This video is a couple weeks old, but it is absolutely magnificent. Rand Paul demolishes a bureaucrat and masterfully outlines why bureaucratic red tape restricts freedom and hurts individuals. Beautiful.

Industrial Farming: Immorality, Subsidized

As a lifelong vegetarian, no style of meat production is particularly appealing or justifiable to me. However, despite my herbivore bias, I still see an ethical dilemma present in current industrial meat facilities. Little respect is given to the conditions and treatment of the animals in industrial facilities. Animals rarely see the light of day […]

Government’s Prohibition of Price Cuts in the Great Depression

When President Franklin Roosevelt signed the National Industrial Relations Act on June 16, 1933, the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was created. The NRA, one of the major components of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” legislation, was created in response to accusations of “cutthroat competition” and the need for “fair competition.” Economic historian Thomas DiLorenzo explains the “NRA […]

Foreclosure Misery: Government’s Intervention in Housing

Today it was announced that banks foreclosed on 288,345 houses in the past three months, the highest amount of foreclosures in any three-month period since 2006. It’s estimated that 1.2 million homes overall will be foreclosed in 2010. Well, gee, looks like government bailouts of the financial industry have paid off! Despite hundreds of billions […]

The FDIC and the Follies of Modern Banking: Part 2

The FDIC attempts to universalize risk in banking. Regardless of whether or not you even deposit money in a financial institution, whether or not you discriminate between different banks and the practices thereof, we are forced into subsidizing risk through government deposit insurance. The FDIC normally guarantees deposit insurance up to $100,000, while the insurance […]

Profits Are Not the Problem

In recent years profits have gotten a bad name from many people and politicians. Profits are said to take advantage of others, encourage greed, among a variety of other allegations. These concerns can be legitimate but often miss a crucial point. Profit represents the reward for taking a risk. You wouldn’t start a business if […]

The Battle Over Regulatory Might

Judging from the media and political scene today, regulations to “help the environment” or “punish greed” sound too good to pass up. However good increased government regulation and control may sound, it is essential that people consider the regulatory harm that is not directly seen. Today “Cap and Trade” and limiting carbon emissions is a […]

Adding to the Fire: Obama’s Regulatory Plans

Yesterday Barack Obama unveiled his new financial regulatory proposals. These include greatly expanding the scope of the Federal Reserve’s regulatory duties, creating a government agency to “protect consumers” from the financial industry, and increase government control over many investment and financial outlets. The first problem with this proposal is that it completely disregards how this […]

Understanding the True Role of Government

One of the greatest misunderstandings we have with government today is its true and proper role. We have seen government continually grow through Republican and Democrat administrations and both parties, come election time, spout the same drivel that they think people will gobble right up. You will notice that at every election the talk is […]

Government is Not the Cure for Inefficiency

New hubbub has arisen after the Obama administration announced plans to raise the national fuel mileage limit for vehicles to 35.5 MPG by 2016 . It is said that this is a major step forward to end dependence on foreign oil, promote “green” technologies, and somehow help consumers make better choices, despite the likelihood of […]