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Ron Paul: The IRS and Big Government


Ron Paul: America Without an Income Tax

“America without an income tax would be far more prosperous and far more free.” ~ Ron Paul Few individuals in government are willing to question the foundation of the U.S. income tax system and the IRS. Ron Paul has helped bring this issue to the spotlight by explaining how the income tax is an assault [...]

Why Ron Paul (In 60 Seconds)

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Coercion or Freedom: Make Your Choice

What is the free market? What is capitalism? The short answer is they are both freedom. They are not a system of strings meant to be pulled by a select group of powerful individuals, they are simply the keys to a life of freedom and an individual pursuit of happiness. One of the greatest misunderstandings [...]

What Happened to No Taxation Without Representation?

It was in the 1750s when taxation without representation began gaining political steam in the American colonies. The colonists were frustrated by the fact that King George and a powerful British Parliament were able and willing to lay taxes on people who did not have any direct representation of the government. What’s important is that [...]

The Frustration of Taxes

Over the past couple weeks in my school we’ve had the nice opportunity to have a small class on personal accounting, budgets, banking, taxes, etc. Everyone made a rough budget estimate for necessities they would have to provide for themselves once they were out on their own in the real world. Basics like rent, food, [...]