Agorist Communities: Protecting Private Property, Voluntary Interactions, and Off-Grid Living

This is an excellent demonstration of the destruction government presses on harmless individuals through zoning laws. Whether it be with cooperative communities or individual homeowners, zoning laws are some of the most tedious and costly laws that directly eliminate prosperity on a local level. The individuals in this video face the wrath of an overreaching government desperate to get people to destroy their homes and property. For what reason? Most likely to construct a government-funded highway or runway. These landowners in the California desert, as shown in the video, tend to be non-intrusive, respectful of others, and off-grid. The government’s only option to dislodge these peaceful people is through aggressive and intimidating force (using zoning laws as a cover).

To build a house in Ananda Village, the community where I was born and raised, it often costs at least $100,000 just to go through the initial regulations and zoning laws before any actual construction. After this beginning regulatory procedure, ongoing state and county inspections during the construction process suck still more funding, time, and energy out of the project. The fact that it’s next to impossible to legally build a house smaller than 950 square feet shows the absurdity of zoning regulations. Government zoning laws, which tend to be local county laws, suck time and energy out of peaceful and productive activities and projects.

Unfortunately, one of the best defenses to stay out of the reach of government and zoning laws is to have a sound understanding of the legal code. Agorism, the concept of building a free economy detached of the government-controlled system, is not an insurmountable ideal, but it’s important to be practical in your approach. As much as I would love to immediately withdraw myself from the current overreaching government system, it’s not that simple. If you know the law (or have friends who know the law), use that to your advantage. Otherwise, you run the risk of severe penalties passed down through the government (including prison time and crushing fines).

To aid this goal of agorism, build a community of individuals interested in these ideals of agorism, private property, and voluntary action. Find people who share your goals of an agorist economy who also understand the current legal system. Find people who have the skills necessary to maintain a local community. Work together, protect one another (physically and mentally), go off-grid. Find ways to work around the legal blockades discouraging cooperative communities, self-sufficiency, and off-grid economies. We are much stronger together than we are apart.

Doesn’t the thought of living with like-minded individuals dedicated to a high-minded goal sound so meaningful, worthwhile, and fruitful? Cooperative communities of this sort are an excellent tool to demonstrate a superior way of living, and are sure to attract creative and enterprising individuals to their midst. There is not a moment to waste! Governments are desperately working in the face of skyrocketing debt and bankruptcy to maintain their power over peaceful individuals. Corporations continue to monopolize industries through government, preventing enthusiastic local entrepreneurs from entering the marketplace.

With these looming challenges, cooperative communities are surely a step in the right direction for individuals to join together and practice peaceful interaction, daily camaraderie, and creative construction of a new society.

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