Obama Should Listen to Jefferson

In light of the disturbing developments with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, legislation passed by the House and Senate which would allow for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, it’s only appropriate to share a quote from Thomas Jefferson that is all too fitting for this occasion.

“[T]he same act undertaking to authorize the President to remove a person out of the United States who is under the protection of the Law, on his own suspicion, without accusation, without jury, without public trial, without confrontation of the witnesses against him, without having witnesses in his favour, without defence, without counsel, is contrary to these provisions also of the Constitution, is therefore not law but utterly void and of no force.”

~ Thomas Jefferson; Resolutions Adopted by the Kentucky General Assembly; November 10, 1798

This quote should be sent to every single politician (including President Obama) who thinks indefinitely detaining U.S. citizens is somehow a potential solution in the fight against “terrorism.” Our liberty is being taken by our own government, not far-off “terrorists” in the Middle East. Let’s listen to Thomas Jefferson and respect the rule of law.

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