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Gary Johnson: Let’s Stop Being Sheep

Barring a miracle at the Republican Convention in Florida this August, Gary Johnson will be the only antiwar presidential candidate who dares challenge the status quo (including the TSA’s invasive and unconstitutional “security” practices). Learn more at GaryJohnson2012.com. Jesse Ventura endorsed Gary Johnson earlier this week on CNN: Tweet

Ron Paul and Earmarks

Earmarks are typically given a bad rap, sometimes for legitimately good reasons. However, when politicians like John McCain nearly base their entire presidential campaign on earmarks alone, it is blowing this issue wildly out of proportion. Blaming earmarks for the national debt burden is like blaming a single mosquito for your blood loss while Dracula [...]

Why Don’t Corporations Support Libertarianism?

We’ve heard all too often that libertarianism would lead to corporate rule, corporate abuses, and other supposed evils of an unregulated free market. If this is indeed the case, why don’t corporations support candidates with libertarian principles? Subscribe to DavidKretzmann on YouTube. Tweet