Hitler, Nazi Germany, and Native Americans

Native Americans and Jews - Holocaust

People sometimes have a difficult time owning up to the fact that the U.S. government has committed some of the greatest atrocities in known human history. One of the harshest realities that many refuse to even acknowledge is the displacement, slaughter, and internment of thousands of Native Americans at the hand of the U.S. government. The U.S. government declared that Native Americans did not have constitutional protections nor title to the land on which they had lived for generations, far before the U.S. government was even formed.

Perhaps an even harsher reality is how the U.S. government’s treatment in “dealing with” Native Americans built a foundation that would help inspire future tyranny; most notably Adolf Hitler’s methods in rounding up and eradicating millions of Jews in the 20th century, less than 100 years after the U.S. government’s displacement and internment of the remaining Native American population.

“Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination – by starvation and uneven combat – of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity.” ~ John Toland

Hitler and Native Americans

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5 Responses to “Hitler, Nazi Germany, and Native Americans”

  1. vulnavia says:

    There are a few vague similarities. But the Nazi’s were kinder; they hauled the Jews and Gypsies to the camps in open trucks and in boxcars. They weren’t forced to walk over a thousand miles in all weather to get to their prison.

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    • Dabash Debowrah says:

      The Jew were made to go on ‘marches’, on which many died before reaching the destination. Some were shot for not walking or running fast enough.
      The box car rides might not have been as kind as you think.
      They were packed in tight with not enough ventilation. Some suffocated, others were trampled. As there were no bathroom breaks, and as other became sick from the quick, rough motion of the train, it would have stank.

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  2. Robin says:

    Let’s face it, Hitler didn’t just make this stuff up, he took examples (and SUPPORT) from all-around history and then-current society, for instance Henry Ford had written things that Hitler drew very deeply on … the National Socialists (Nazis) also greatly appreciated and learned from the roundup and expulsion of the Muslims from Spain in the 1930s. Also worth taking a good look at the FUNDING and investments – like that told by former war crimes prosecuting attorney, John Loftus and his stories about: “the Dutch Connection” … about the George Herbert Walker’s and Preston BUSH’s family roles in financing NAZI industry: “trading with the enemy”.

    Also WELL worth the read (about 40 pages): The History of The House of Rothschild, http://tinyurl.com/Rothchilds-Timeline

    and (probably you’ve seen this),

    Patrick Carmack and William Still’s (1996) documentary “The Money Masters” (which predicted the housing bubble collapse TEN years in advance).

    It appears that far too many Americans are “asleep at the wheel”.

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  3. A.Oscar says:

    David Kretzmann you bring some facts that I do not know about it: about the way USA was broad up; special most harassments and vanishing of indigenes and people from other countries. The time of Pirates; was then America and England involved in piracy most towards Spanish and Portuguese ships, looking for the treasures from South America to Europe. Portugal was a Allied of England and won ships have had the English flag, when close to the Portuguese ships change into pirate the Bones to assault the ships. I love to read about anything; has long time let me doing. Any subject interest me; history are one of them, to compare from one another, the good points and mistakes human done, and those about America didn’t know about, but many others like why the name of America stays that way. Cristovan Colombes brother was Americo Vespucio both from one part of Italy Geneva which both of them start work for the kingdom of Portugal, than Cristovan heard so much in Portugal to go to India, and he was married with a girl, which her father was a teacher of geography, and heard so much about India, e realized after been in the ship a few times, about the root into India. He offer won knowledge to the Portuguese King, which ignore him. He then went to the Quinn of Spain offer the way to India. Colombes went in opposite direction which was Salvador Central America, and stay for around 60 years with the name of India which all naturals came to be Indians. After the Portuguese Vasco da Gama real found India, west India took the name of his brother Americo to America. 07/08/2012 by A.Oscar

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  4. Surereteh says:

    Nah, Germans were always kind and uncanning people despite the cruel actions of Nazi Germany I see them as somewhat depraved, not really intentionally evil. It’s a battle of sick “evilness” such as rape, murder, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, torture against real evil such as egomania, narcissism, exploitation, bullying, colonialism, manipulations, lying of liars, horrible torment, cursing and terrible treatment. Yeap, it’s an actual truth.

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