The Military Supports Ron Paul

The military supports Ron Paul, and we should too. Ron Paul receives more donations from active duty military personnel than all other Republican candidates combined and President Obama.

“Paul raised $34,480 from people in the military, compared with $19,849 for Obama and $13,848 for the other GOP presidential candidates.” — USA Today

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  1. Zach Sneddon says:

    It’s true, many members of the military do support Ron Paul. I am an aviation electronics technician second class in the U.S. Navy, and I support Ron Paul. So do many of my coworkers. We all took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States when we enlisted, and I for one would consider it a dereliction of duty for me to support any other candidate; don’t get me wrong, I align in many ways with the progressive end of the political spectrum, but many people on the progressive end of the political spectrum are entirely too casual in their willingness to disregard Constitutional limitations on the power of the state.

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