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Ron Paul: How to Restore Fiscal Sanity

Ron Paul’s ultimate aim in advocating liberty is to return centralized government power to an individual and local level. The federal government has left little doubt remaining that it cannot get its financial house in order, and what do we have to show for it? We have ongoing wars, abuses of civil liberties, diminishing economic [...]

Champion of the Constitution Places Second in New Hampshire Primary

Ron Paul gave the establishment a tough blow yesterday by taking second place in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. Dr. Paul is the only candidate, save Mitt Romney, who has a national campaign set up for the upcoming primaries. Gingrich, Huntsman, Santorum, and Perry will drop out in no time after draining their campaign coffers [...]

Meeting Rand Paul in New Hampshire

Senator Rand Paul stopped by Ron Paul’s New Hampshire Headquarters today, January 7, to meet with the volunteers. Rand has been traveling around the state to promote his father and raise awareness of the campaign. Tweet

Meeting Jack Hunter in New Hampshire

Today I had the very pleasant surprise to meet Jack Hunter (aka The Southern Avenger) at Ron Paul’s campaign NQ in New Hampshire. Jack stopped by to say hello to the volunteers and was a very gracious and friendly fellow; glad to have him on our side. Tweet

Joel Salatin’s Endorsements of Ron Paul

Joel Salatin, founder of Polyface Farms (located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley), is nationally recognized as one of the most influential local and naturally sustainable farmers in America. Salatin was featured in the films Food, Inc. and Farmageddon, which expose the corporate-government relationship in the field of agriculture. Salatin is also the author of eight books, including “Everything [...]

Ron Paul: Defending the Right to Drink Raw Milk

“If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?” ~ Ron Paul During his time in Congress, Ron Paul introduced H.R. 1830, legislation that would decriminalize the sale of unpasteurized milk and milk products across state lines. On [...]

Ron Paul Schools Mitt Romney

In last night’s debate, Ron Paul once again proved he’s the only candidate who knows much about anything that’s going on in Washington D.C. today. Calling for budget reform without even considering cutting foreign aid and militarism is absurd, but unfortunately most Democrats and Republicans won’t dare cut America’s military adventurism. Apparantly quite a few others thought [...]

In Two Weeks of Media Coverage

In the past two weeks the American people have been subjected to nearly 120 stories about the sex life of Presidential contender Herman Cain. Yet at the same time: 1.) Only 3 major networks covered Obama’s sending U.S. troops in Uganda. 2.) Only 1 major news network covered the scandal of the Obama Administration sending [...]

Why the Military Supports Ron Paul (11.11.11)

Of all the 2012 presidential candidates, none is more mocked and misunderstood when it comes to foreign policy than Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy is repeatedly misinterpreted as a radicial isolationist view. Interestingly, the military donates more money to Ron Paul than any other candidate (including President Obama). So far in this election [...]

Defending Empire

I am continuously amazed how quickly people attempt to defend politicians, regardless of the hypocrisy and sheer lunacy displayed by political figures. What have these politicians done to earn your trust? What makes them worth defending? We’re led to believe that without these cherished political behemoths starting new wars, torturing people and ignoring the rule [...]