Candidate Obama Is Not President Obama

While in the Senate and on the campaign trail during the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama spoke eloquently about the need to restore due process and constitutional procedure for people targeted and captured by the U.S. government. He repeatedly called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay, and on his first day of office as President he signed and Executive Order vowing to shut down Gitmo within one year.

However, as President, Obama has merely expanded those policies which he strongly opposed during his time in the Senate and on the campaign trail. Indeed, Obama authorized the assassinations of Anwar Al-awlaki and Abdulrahman Al-awlaki, both U.S. citizens, without presenting any evidence before or after their lives were taken by U.S. drone strikes in 2011.

Obama’s new precedent of assassinating U.S. citizens without trial, submission of evidence, or any court procedure whatsoever is a far cry from what Obama himself espoused in 2007:

“The detention of American citizens, without access to counsel, fair procedure, or pursuant to judicial authorization, as enemy combatants is unconstitutional.” — Barack Obama; December 2007

Barack Obama - Due Process Hypocrisy

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2 Responses to “Candidate Obama Is Not President Obama”

  1. Benjamin says:

    David, I have the following link on Anwar Al-Awlaki on youtube, which is probably one of the few videos I have been able to actually find that could remotely be used to suggest AnWar Al-Awlaki was responsible for stirring up hateful words or treason. This video was really hard to find, however, and this is disturbing given the fact that if a person was so guilty, why not provide a transcript or recording of what he said? Not that people inherently agree with the content, but to merely see what this person really has to say, and to openly criticize it. Again, the extreme negligence of the Obama administration in actually making some form of this video available for viewing is appalling, when you consider that even Hitler’s bigoted work called Mein Kempf is there to be criticized, scrutinized, and disagreed with by those who feel neccessary to think and act critically. It’s a disappointing fact in the Obama Administration not archiving this as evidence, especially when they are destroying a good source of information to simply analyze and point out why Anwar Al-Awlaki was wrong, and also to simply also illustrate where they made distortions about him.

    Either way, don’t take my word for it, and take a look at this video if you wish.–w&feature=related

    Either way, I find it disappointing that I could provide more evidence, much less hearsay, of Anwar Al-Awlaki’s guilt than our President could or did both prior to and after having him killed.

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