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They Knew in 1912

Occupy Wall Street, take notice. People knew the dangers of the Federal Reserve in 1912, one year before its implementation by Woodrow Wilson in 1913. No more funding of preemptive wars, no more corporate welfare, no more monetary inflation; End the Fed. Originally found here. Tweet

Money and Currency in a Free Society

We live in times when government and central banks monopolize money and make it next to impossible for viable competing currencies to arise, which can make it difficult to see the possibility of other currency alternatives. Picture a new village, untouched by current monetary laws. People begin exchanging goods through the process of bartering. This [...]

Deception in “Free Market” Banking

The free market is constantly blamed for mistakes made by banks, when in reality the economic problems begin when a free market is overridden with excessive and unnecessary government law, intervention, and agencies. To grasp banking we must first learn and understand fractional reserve banking. The fractional reserve banking system gives banks the chance to [...]

Adding to the Fire: Obama’s Regulatory Plans

Yesterday Barack Obama unveiled his new financial regulatory proposals. These include greatly expanding the scope of the Federal Reserve’s regulatory duties, creating a government agency to “protect consumers” from the financial industry, and increase government control over many investment and financial outlets. The first problem with this proposal is that it completely disregards how this [...]

Steps Toward Monetary Freedom

We hear much chatter today about laying out the “blueprint for our future” through economics and politics. Many people have the idea that it is government’s responsibility to push forward anything that should change, but all of this is irrelevant if the central issue of economics is ignored: money. Freeing money in this country ranks [...]