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Foreclosure Misery: Government’s Intervention in Housing

Today it was announced that banks foreclosed on 288,345 houses in the past three months, the highest amount of foreclosures in any three-month period since 2006. It’s estimated that 1.2 million homes overall will be foreclosed in 2010. Well, gee, looks like government bailouts of the financial industry have paid off! Despite hundreds of billions [...]

“Stimulus Packages” or “Economic Nightmares”?

It’s hard to not go gaga over the ideas and intentions of “stimulus packages” and ramped up government programs. After all, won’t it create a lot of jobs, boost the economy, and lift us out of a rough spot? This is what we’ve constantly heard from politicians and the media especially over the past couple [...]

Finding the Balance in Foreign Policy

Since World War I, the U.S. has generally accepted a foreign policy of military involvement overseas. It almost seems as though we believe things would completely fall apart were we not to be militarily present around the world. However much we may accept these ideas, they do not represent the foreign policy of a free, [...]

Causes of the Great Depression

The Great Depression has become one of the most misunderstood events in U.S. history. Many people believe the free market to be culprit that caused the incredible economic downturn, that the government didn’t do enough to stop it, and that it was largely President Hoover’s fault for not intervening enough into the economy. Today, to [...]