Obama Will NOT Tackle the Drug War

Today GQ reports:

According to ongoing discussions with Obama aides and associates, if the president wins a second term, he plans to tackle another American war that has so far been successful only in perpetuating more misery: the four decades of The Drug War.

To believe Obama on this issue is to ignore the blatant hypocrisy of Obama’s drug policies and enforcement through his Administration. Obama’s campaign rhetoric in 2007 proved to be wildly off course from the policies he pursued as President. The Justice Department, per Obama’s orders, are raiding and shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries in  states such as California that have nullified federal anti-marijuana laws to allow the sale of medical marijuana to licensed individuals. Here is a dispensary establishment in Sacramento, California, that was shut down earlier this year following the new policies established by Obama and the Justice Department:

Even the Bush Administration let states set their own course with medical marijuana policy; thanks to Obama, the federal government is overriding state policies that have allowed for the peaceful sale of medical marijuana. Obama’s actions as President (not campaigner or politician) have deliberately propagated and expanded the Drug War to new heights in its abuse of peaceful individuals, community destruction, and ignorance of the facts.

Barack Obama Smoking Marijuana Joint

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4 Responses to “Obama Will NOT Tackle the Drug War”

  1. erik troyer says:

    So you say the alternative is more promising? You think Romney is going to stop shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries? no way! if anything his administration will increase the raids. They make money keeping marijuana illegal. Romney is all about money. He hates people who are open minded or free thinking because it makes it difficult for him to sell his bullshit. Obama is no saint either but he’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

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    • Why would you assume that I think Romney is more promising? I will not vote for Obama or Romney. At least Romney is open with his ignorance of marijuana and drugs, however. Just because I call out Obama’s hypocrisy doesn’t mean I’m pro-Romney in any shape or fashion. Both candidates are deceitful, hypocritical, and ignorant.

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      • Derek MacIntire says:

        Both candidates are of the same beast. Open your eyes. They have us quarrel about “people who are open minded or free thinking because it makes it difficult for him to sell his bullshit. Obama is no saint either but he’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.” …. It gets us nowhere. They are on the same team. Not to mention Obama’s ONDCP 2012 report. Privatizing the War on Drugs in the Southern Americas since we’ve learned so much fighting the war on terror. The Patriot Act and NDAA have helped here at home with wire taps. They are on the SAME team. Vote 3rd party.

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  2. Hemp_Prince says:

    Honestly, how can you tackle the drug war? I mean people will always continue to do what they always want to anyways? You cannot TOTALLY control people to get them to do what you want!

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