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The Wisdom of Tom Woods

Tom Woods, one of the leading independent voices in the libertarian and Austrian Economics movement today, is both entertaining and uncanny in his ability to convey knowledge. Watch this fantastic talk Woods gave in 2009 that explains why you’ve never heard of the Great Depression of 1921, and how central bank and governmental intervention in [...]

Ron Paul: Thomas Jefferson of Our Day?

In his latest video, Tom Woods explicitly states that Ron Paul is under an enormous amount of pressure to endorse Mitt Romney under the guise of helping Ron’s son, Senator Rand Paul. Rand endorsed Romney on June 7. Will Ron Paul resist the pressures to endorse an anti-liberty, warmongering, neoconservative Republican presidential candidate? I am [...]

Ron Paul and the Minimum Wage

For those interested in learning more about the negative consequences of the minimum wage and why it hurts those it is intended to help, please refer to the work of Walter Williams, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Thomas Sowell, and Thomas E. Woods Jr. Those who blindly support the minimum wage are supporting a mandate that [...]